03 March 2004

REC news

The Reformed Ecumenical Council, which unites some 10 million Reformed Christians around the world, publishes regular news reports from member churches. According to their latest, not everyone is happy with the forthcoming merger of the three Dutch churches into the Protestantse Kerk in Nederland. In both the Nederlandse Hervormde Kerk, the historic national church, and the smaller Gereformeerde Kerken in Nederland, there are groups with principial objections to the merger.

Further south, not all French citizens are pleased with the proposed law to ban headscarves in public buildings. In particular, Jean-Arnold de Clermont, President of the French Protestant Federation, has spoken out against the measure.

Finally, the Anglican Church in Uganda disinvited the Episcopal Church in the US from sending a representative to the installation of its new archbishop in January. The dividing issue is the recent approval of Eugene Robertson as the first openly homosexual bishop in the Episcopal Church.

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