20 June 2005

Comment changes and WRF event

The Work Research Foundation's internet journal, Comment, is undergoing some changes, including the posting of a weekly article for the foreseeable future. Gideon Strauss explains in this editorial: Building Institutions. Among the recent entries are the following: How to Start a Slow Reformation in a Fast and Easy Society, by James Brink; Building Institutions: The Center for Public Justice, by Richard Greydanus; and To Change the World - Behind the Scenes, by Brian Harskamp.

Incidentally, I was privileged to attend the WRF's Toronto event, To Change the World, featuring James Davison Hunter, last wednesday evening in the legislative dining room at Queen's Park, the provincial government building. The guest list was, at least in part, a veritable who's who of southern Ontario neocalvinism, including more than one Redeemer colleague, several of our alumni, CLAC people and a television host from CTS, who (though probably not herself a neocalvinist) introduced the speaker.

University of Virginia


Hunter argues that Christians sorely need to be in the key culture-shaping institutions of the larger society if they hope to have a long-term impact. Changing hearts and minds from the bottom up and on an individual basis is not enough. Ironically, Hunter teaches at the University of Virginia, an institution founded by Thomas Jefferson with an overtly secularizing vision of society. Yet under Hunter's leadership the institution has become an hospitable place for confessional Christian and observant Jewish scholars interested in exploring the relationship between religion and culture.

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