25 May 2006

More ancient music to perform?

Here are two sides of a page from a 503-year-old Venetian antiphonal. I purchased this in Toronto some 20 years ago. Unfortunately, the original volume was sliced into more easily saleable pages, so the complete collection is no longer intact.

  Gloria tibi Domine

ANTIPHONARIU hmnorem sancte
Romane ecclesie copletu. . . .
Impressum Venetijs cu
priuilegio. . . .M.d.iij
(Venice 1503)


Unknown said...

Do you still have these pages? I have one from the same book, also purchased in Toronto about 25 years ago.I am trying to research the original source. Please contact me ichadwick@rogers.com if you have any information to share about the book.

David Koyzis said...


I have no more information than what I posted here originally. It apparently dates from Venice in 1503, which makes it just over 500 years old. A google search might reveal the source of the texts themselves. If you find out more about it, do let me know.




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