08 December 2006

'Beautiful British Columbia'

That's what's written on the licence plates in this western-most province, and it's an accurate description. I just came back from nearly a week there, as the guest of Trinity Western University, where my former colleague Mike Goheen currently teaches. I had the honour to deliver the Lamblight Lecture, titled "Globalization: Where are We Headed?," as part of a series sponsored by the Geneva Society. Everyone there was most hospitable, even going out of their way to ensure that the ground was covered with snow to make me feel more at home. What more could I ask?

Here are some photos of my time there:

Trinity Western University

Mountains seen from the TWU campus

This was one view of the mountains as seen through the trees of the TWU campus.

White Rock, BC

On tuesday Mike and Marnie and I had lunch at a restaurant in the coastal town of White Rock, not far from the border with Washington state. White Rock is a heavily touristed town during the summer months, but less so during the winter.

On the boardwalk at White Rock

Here I am on the boardwalk at White Rock, with the inlet between BC and the US in the background.

Sunset over the Pacific

I was fortunate to take this lovely shot of the sun setting over the Pacific.

Fort Langley

It is claimed that Fort Langley is the oldest town in BC. It is another tourist town rather similar to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, but a bit less upscale.

Across the Bedford Channel

I don't know whether this is in Fort Langley or not, but this is the lovely view from the Glover Road bridge over the Bedford Channel.

From the Abbotsford Airport

I took this photo from the gate at the Abbotsford Airport yesterday while waiting for the plane to return to Hamilton. This was my first visit to BC, which means that I have been to exactly half of Canada's provinces.

This evening Nancy and I had the pleasure of sampling a bottle of homemade mead, a gift from our good friend, Sir Bruce. What a nice way to spend a wintery evening with the family. It's good to be home again.

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