03 February 2007

The labour scene, continued

"Well within the law"? Perhaps not. This story by John Barber appears in today's Globe and Mail: Working-class HERO? Note in particular the following paragraphs:

Friends and colleagues are suing and being sued as the battle flares, while bizarre incidents erupt on the ground. On Thursday, a group of rowdy workers burst into the Mississauga headquarters of the Christian Labour Association of Canada, an obscure [sic] organization with no stake in the 183 fight, chanting obscenities and "Tony says hi." Nobody knows — or admits — who they were.

"There is a lot to be lost in this," said CLAC official Michael Glockner, calling the incident a form of intimidation. "There's already a lot that has been lost."

Glockner is a good friend of mine and a graduate of Redeemer's political science programme — one of many now working for the CLAC. Someone obviously feels threatened by its ongoing efforts to bring justice and reconciliation, rather than strife, to the workplace. And by the way, this "obscure" organization just happens to be the fastest growing union in Canada.

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