16 July 2007

Miss Potter

Our daughter Theresa was raised on two fat collections of the fanciful stories of Beatrix Potter, whose Peter Rabbit catapulted her to fame in 1902. Although the new Harry Potter film is getting huge publicity, I would enthusiastically recommend a similarly-surnamed film, Miss Potter, released late last year and now out on DVD. It's a charming cinematic treatment of Beatrix Potter's life, with all its joys and heartaches, that can be enjoyed by the entire family. The fact that Theresa rarely puts down pencil and paper may explain why I am drawn to the portrayal of a little girl constantly painting and developing her gifts for the benefit of the world. Here is the trailer:

Among the high points of the film is the cinematography, especially of the Lake District in the north of England. Renée Zellweger plays the title role beautifully, though she is made to look a little too frumpy. Ewan McGregor (no relation to Farmer McGregor!) winsomely plays Potter's publisher and early love interest, Norman Warne. Miss Potter is definitely worth seeing.

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