31 August 2007

Understanding worldviews

Of the making of worldview books there is no end, to paraphrase Qoheleth. A new one has just been published by Anglican Youthworks in Sydney, NSW, Australia: A Spectator’s Guide to Worldviews: 10 Ways of Understanding Life, edited by Simon Smart. The book as a whole is aimed at the late secondary or early tertiary (post-secondary in North America) student. Each chapter is devoted to a major worldview, including Christianity, modernism, postmodernism, utilitarianism, humanism, liberalism, feminism, relativism, new age spirituality and consumerism. Although I am less than happy with the use of "spectator" in the title (I would prefer something along the lines of "participant"), I am pleased to have written the chapter on liberalism, at the invitation of the editor.

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