07 April 2009

Redeemer on Spec's front page

Redeemer University College made the front page of the Hamilton Spectator after yesterday's visit from Canadian singer Chantal Kreviazuk: Redeemer students meet Kreviazuk's challenge for kids.
When Timothy Epp sent an e-mail inviting Chantal Kreviazuk to come to Redeemer University College to speak to his sociology class about her charity work, he knew it was a long shot. But to Epp's surprise, the popular Canadian singer-songwriter responded with a challenge -- raise $2,500 to help children in war-torn countries and she'd come.

Epp, a professor of sociology and pop culture, passed the challenge along to his students and they got to work. They held loose-change drives, offered fellow students discount haircuts and gave faculty members cut-rate pedicures. Some even shaved their heads. Yesterday, their efforts paid off when Kreviazuk stood on the stage of Redeemer auditorium and accepted a cheque for $5,056.01.

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