03 March 2005

Christian labour

During my visit to Regent University, I had the opportunity to talk with a number of faculty from several christian universities in the United States, mostly over shared meals. In the course of our conversations we compared notes concerning the respective manifestations of christian witness in our two countries. When I mentioned the Christian Labour Association of Canada, for which a plurality of my own protégés now work, my American counterparts were intrigued and expressed interest. Among particularly evangelical Christians south of the border it seems that labour unions are generally not held in high esteem -- frequently for good reasons. Yet as I told them of the CLAC's distinctive approach to labour relations and its on-going efforts to bring reconciliation to the workplace, I found that it appeared to touch a chord. I know there is a very much smaller counterpart to the CLAC in the United States. I wonder whether now might be the time for it to expand its efforts. Perhaps a little push from Atlantic Avenue in Mississauga, Ontario, might be in order?

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