24 March 2005

An unusual child?

In our house we have a 6-year-old daughter with some unconventional proclivities. She prefers to eat the white of an egg rather than the yolk (I think I was just the opposite), she loves to chew on the crusts of thick Italian-style bread rather than on the soft middle, and she takes the squid and octopus out of my specialty seafood pasta sauce -- because she likes them better than the pasta! In the recently rereleased 1957 television musical Cinderella, she loves comedienne Kaye Ballard's step-sister Portia -- seemingly more than Julie Andrews' Cinderella. She likes to make pretend prisons out of old shoe boxes. She tapes yarn to Leggo pieces and pretends they're mice. And, last but not least, she takes toy bats to bed with her at night. I suppose all children have their idiosyncracies.

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