25 September 2005

Evangelicals in the media

Remember Alan Wolfe's Atlantic Monthly article, "The Opening of the Evangelical Mind," which appeared in the October 2000 issue? Our faculty had a round-table discussion of this essay in August of the following year, and it was much talked about in evangelical circles for a time. Five years later, Christopher Hayes may have produced a similarly provocative article: Student Body Right, which touches on the christian universities dotting the educational landscape of North America. The usual persons are cited here, including Mark Noll and James Davison Hunter. Now Nancy Pearcey merits mention as well, mostly because of her Total Truth, with its treatment of the concept of worldview.

When all is said and done, could it be possible that the net effect of all these christian universities is to make their graduates into good Republican Party activists? That, at least, seems to be Hayes' conclusion.

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