05 March 2006

Speaking of . . .

. . . Notre Dame, a well-known evangelical university is losing its star professor to a better-known Catholic university in northern Indiana: Mark Noll Leaving Wheaton for Notre Dame. He will be a tough act to follow. But Wheaton's loss is . . . well, you complete the sentence.

And speaking of Wheaton College, on friday Redeemer was privileged to host Dr. Vincent Bacote, an evangelical convert to the neocalvinist vision of Abraham Kuyper. He is a lively speaker and we were pleased to have him among us for a time. I have recently acquired a copy of his book, The Spirit In Public Theology: Appropriating The Legacy Of Abraham Kuyper, and look forward to reading it.

And finally, speaking of conversions to neocalvinism, what could have prompted someone ordained to the ministry of the most liberal protestant denomination in the US to take an interest in Kuyper's vision of cultural engagement — and to bring that vision to a known bastion of Barthianism at that? Read about his pilgrimage here: On Being Reformed: An Interview with Max Stackhouse.

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