25 June 2007

Going fishing

On saturday I joined my good friend Michael Glockner for a fishing excursion to a pond up in Milton. Michael is an avid fisherman, and he was kind enough to provide the gear. This was the first time I had been fishing for probably more than four decades, and I found it quite enjoyable.

David and Michael
Michael and me at the trout pond

I used to go fishing with my father as a boy, but I didn't remember ever having caught any fish, so when I caught one this past weekend, I naturally assumed that it was the first time ever. It wasn't. Talking to my parents later in the day, I learned that my childhood fishing ability was apparently better than my current capacity to remember it. In fact, my dad reminded me that on one occasion I caught three fish. I was so proud of them that I didn't want to eat them. Once they were cooked and on the table for supper that evening, he had to tell me they were market-purchased fish so I wouldn't go hungry. I don't recall this episode myself, but then again I have had a lot on my mind since 1965!

David with his catch of the day
Struggling to hold aloft
my catch of the day

Saturday evening I grilled two rainbow trout on the outdoor grill, and Nancy and Theresa and I had a nourishing picnic dinner. The following day Theresa came up with her own rendition of her daddy's excursion:

Daddy and 'Uncle' Michael fishing for
rainbow trout

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