23 May 2008

Late May snippets

  • Hope springs eternal for Cypriots on both sides of the divide: Leaders in divided Cyprus meet to push peace. Could this be the effort that finally brings unity to the troubled island?

  • This was fairly predictable: Women supporters blame Clinton's imminent defeat on sexism. If Obama were running behind Clinton, we would almost certainly see this headline: "Black supporters blame Obama's imminent defeat on racism."

  • I personally find this a scary story, given that I myself contracted this superbug after my appendectomy last year: C. diff blamed for deaths in Oakville. I am thankful to God to have survived this most unpleasant experience!

  • My esteemed colleague, Dr. James Payton, is interviewed by the Orthodox Christian Network on the subject of his recent book, Light from the Christian East. (Scroll down to the third programme on the page.)

  • For my fellow russophiles, this website will provide endless hours of enjoyment: Alexander Palace Time Machine. Now don't forget to eat and sleep.

  • At the urging of a friend, I have recently been exploring icons of the Prodigal Son. This one I find particularly moving, as it nicely communicates the tender affection between father and son. Note that Jesus is portrayed as the loving and forgiving father, while in this more typical Orthodox rendition the father is an old man with white hair. This is a story that never fails to move me, along with the story of Joseph forgiving his brothers (Genesis 45), on which I will be preaching 17 August at the Church of St. John the Evangelist here in Hamilton.

  • Stanley Carlson-Thies, of the Center for Public Justice, has written a worthwhile Capital Commentary on the developing evangelical witness on the American political scene: Avoid Left-Behind Politics.
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