23 April 2007

More on abortion

If anyone doubts where the CBC stands on the abortion issue, this country's public broadcaster seems bent on removing any lingering uncertainties by giving Heather Mallick a voice (Abortion rights and abortion fights) without providing for an opposing viewpoint. Just a sample of her rhetoric: "anti-abortionists" engage in "mean, small-time work," and "try to lure women to change their minds, terrifying them with misleading photographs and false information."

South of the border, Jim Wallis has his own take on the issue: "We have supported a 'consistent life ethic' - which seeks a dramatic reduction in the actual abortion rate in America, without criminalizing what is always a tragic choice and often a desperate one." Some people failing to comprehend the intricacies of a consistent life ethic might be inclined to call his position, well, pro-choice.

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