09 April 2007

More on Orthodox Church growth

This year eastern and western celebrations of Easter occurred on the same day. To mark this rare simultaneous observance, the media in several US cities have taken the opportunity to report on the growing numbers of converts to the Orthodox Church. From the Cincinnati Enquirer: Timeless faith sees good times: Orthodox Christianity growing swiftly in U.S. From the Lansing State Journal: Steeped in tradition. From the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal: Where new embraces old. From The Seattle Times: Orthodox churches experiencing a resurgence.

In the meantime the elderly Patriarch Pavle of the Orthodox Church of Serbia has denounced western plans to grant independence to the Serbian province of Kosovo. I am inclined to agree with those who argue that encouraging such a move would establish a dangerous precedent for other states plagued by secessionist movements. It is unlikely that, say, the United States would allow territories in its own southwest with Spanish-speaking majorities to claim independence or to rejoin Mexico.

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