21 August 2003

Ice cream shops in the summer months

In recent years I've tried to stay away from ice cream, largely for health reasons. But on occasion I will indulge in this frozen treat, along with my wife and daughter. Indeed there is something undeniably attractive about taking one's family out to a local ice cream stand, particularly on a hot day. Last month I mentioned tastee freez, which invented the soft serve variety back in 1950. When I was a boy, our family used to visit a tastee freez stand (long since gone) in neighbouring Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

During our travels to the States last month, we also visited an Oberweis Dairy store. Oberweis used to deliver milk to us when we were growing up, lo these many decades ago. Originating in Aurora, Illinois, they still deliver milk in the Chicago and St. Louis metropolitan areas. Their ice cream is easily amongst the most flavourful anywhere.

Last evening we drove out to Stoney Creek to visit the Stoney Creek Dairy, a truly local phenomenon since 1929. Theresa had received a coupon for a free scoop of their famous ice cream, and of course, since she is only 4 years old, her parents had to accompany her. I cannot say that my tastes in ice cream are particularly imaginative, since I almost always get an ordinary vanilla cone. Lots of families were there, many sitting outside, despite the smog advisory. It was one of those irreplaceable summer moments that we will only dream about once the snows have returned.

But none of this is health food and, as I said, I generally try to stay away from ice cream.

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