17 August 2003

The Mad Gardener's Song, Canadian revision

Here's a little humour to brighten some spirits amidst all the darkness of the past few days:

He thought he saw his little daughter
Jumping on the bed;
He looked again and saw a cat
Curled up atop his head.
“I’d best beware of dogs,” said he,
“Or else I’ll wind up dead.”

He thought he noticed in the street
A car with a flat tire;
He looked again and saw a clown
In humorous attire.
“I’d best lay off the scotch,” he said,
“Before I get much higher.”

He thought he saw a grad student
Defend his PhD;
He looked again and saw it was
A princess with her pea.
“I shouldn’t like,” said he,” to eat that
With my cup of tea.”

He thought he noticed Jean Chrétien
Inside the PMO;
He looked again and saw it was
Paul Martin comme il faut.
“If such should lead us now,” said he,
“It’s time for us to go.”

© David T. Koyzis, 2003 (with apologies to Lewis Carroll)

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