08 October 2003

Abortion, Europeans and Americans, and women's health

Here are two items of interest to those working for justice for the unborn. From Lifenews.com comes the following: "European Group Asks Bush to Recall Pro-Life Mexico City Policy." Despite my differences with the US President over what seems to be an ill-conceived foreign and defence policy, I am with him here, even if the Council of Europe is not.

"The fact that some organizations want to advocate abortion and to perform abortions does not mean the US tax money should pay for it," economist Dr. Maria Sophia Aguirre stated during her testimony before the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in 2001. "Nothing in the Mexico City Policy forbids these groups from advocacy. It simply denies the use of [United States] funds for this purpose."

For some reason the Council cannot quite bring itself to absorb this reasoning and persists in seeing the issue as one of "human rights and democracy."

Then there's this from today's Breakpoint commentary by Chuck Colson: "In Denial: Abortion May Be Legal, But Its Far From Safe." It seems that women who have had abortions face a significant increase in health problems in the future, and Colson provides some tragic examples. Yet this information is not being adequately publicized. Writes Colson:

These heartbreaking statistics reveal the tragedy of a flawed worldview: a worldview that says that we can have sex out of wedlock without consequences, that birth control will prevent unplanned pregnancies, that abortion is a “safe” solution when contraception fails, and that total strangers with financial incentives can be trusted to care more about teenage girls than their own parents.

Perhaps this is one more indication that we could stand to hear less about rights and more about responsibilities.

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