06 October 2003

Men's fashion advice

I have never been accused of being on the cutting edge of fashion, least of all by my wife. So perhaps I should start reading the style section in The Globe and Mail more frequently. It appears to be a veritable gold mine of advice for the fashion-conscious male. Here are two pieces of advice from "The New Dandy":

Never wear a coloured shirt after 6 p.m. -- white only for a fresh masculine look. Carry a fresh white shirt in your briefcase or LVMH computer bag so that you can make the 6 p.m. switch if not at home.

Fine. I'll keep a white shirt in my office for the next time I have to teach a night class. There's more:

A few sprigs of shoulder hair can be endearing, as James Caan demonstrated in The Godfather, but there is no excuse for nose or ear hair. Buy a grooming kit and use it daily. While you are at it, have a weekly manicure and pedicure after your massage.

Sure thing. The next time I come into the classroom, I hope my students appreciate my better posture (due to the massage, of course), as well as my more even finger- and toenails.

Now about those bow ties. . . .

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