05 September 2003

American women increasingly pro-life

Contrary to the view disseminated in the popular media, increasing numbers of people, including women, are questioning the current three-decade-old abortion licence in the US. This according to the following report from Lifenews.com: "Another Poll Shows Majority of Women Pro-Life." The statistical breakdown is interesting:

Hispanic women were more likely to be pro-life, and some 63 percent said they opposed all or most abortions. Married women (59%) were also more likely to be pro-life.

Women's views on abortions also varied by region.

The New England and Pacific regions emerged as the least pro-life (33% and 41% respectively), whereas the Mountain and East South Central regions (65% and 71% pro-life, respectively) were most opposed to abortion.

Remarkably, 18-24 year olds (63%) were the most pro-life of any age group other than 65-74 year olds (65% pro-life), and 25-34 year olds were the only group that was not a majority pro-life.

It would be interesting to see whether a similar poll in Canada would reveal the same trend.

Although I have always considered myself pro-life, the issue is now closer to my heart than it once was. Why? Read and find out: "A Smile from the Womb."

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