20 September 2003

McGuinty for PR?

With Dalton McGuinty moving his Liberal Party into the lead in Ontario's election campaign, he is now making some rather specific promises of political reform, including the holding of a referendum on whether to scrap our antiquated first-past-the-post electoral system and adopt some form of proportional representation. This is according to Chris Cobb, writing in yesterday's Ottawa Citizen, in an article located by sporadic blogger Brian Dijkema. Dijkema comments:

If [McGuinty] were to promise PR rather than a referendum, it would likely help him win some votes from Ontario Calvinists who right now are being wooed by the Eves team with the promise of tax rebates for parents sending their children to Christian schools.

That would leave only Howard Hampton's New Democratic Party to think up something new to appeal to this voting bloc.

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