31 May 2004


Saturday saw the class of 2004 graduate from Redeemer University College. The speaker was Dr. Janet Epp Buckingham, Director, Law and Public Policy, of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, whom I was privileged to introduce. The student speaker was none other than our own Brian Matthew Kelvin Dijkema, who not only graduated with a BA in political science but managed to earn the undying esteem of his professors, who honoured him with the annual Faculty Award. Kudos to Mr. Dijkema. (And thanks for not mentioning any of my paedagogical eccentricities in your speech!)

There is much I could write about what is always a moving event for those of us who have shepherded these young people through an undergraduate education. I could simply repeat what I wrote last year at this time, but I think Rob Joustra has said it best with his own touching tribute to the class of 2004. I have nothing to add.

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