10 May 2004

The Cuomo syndrome comes to Canada

This is from Linda Frum's interview with Prime Minister Paul Martin in saturday's National Post:

LF: What is your position on gay marriage?

PM: I've been quite open that this is a question I have had to wrestle with. I have essentially come to the conclusion that it is a Charter [of Rights] question. It is a question of human rights and that tilts the balance. I don't think you can discriminate when it's a question of human rights.

LF: But what is your personal view of it?

PM: I just gave it to you.

LF: I've heard you say that as a Catholic, you are against abortion, though that's not how you would vote on it in the House.

PM: Absolutely. I am a legislator. I basically will vote where I think the public interest lies. I voted pro-choice.

My comments below would appear to be relevant here as well.

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