23 May 2004

Federal election 2004

Canadians go to the polls on 28 June. The Liberals, who have ruled this country since 1993 without credible opposition, could win only a minority government, if the pollsters are correct. In Québec the Bloc québécois looks set to stage a comeback in the wake of the sponsorship scandal. Moreover, according to the report in The Globe and Mail, "An Ipsos-Reid poll of decided voters published over the weekend found that 35 per cent of voters would choose the Liberals, while 26 per cent would opt for the Conservatives. The NDP would garner 18 per cent of the votes." Although actual representation in the House of Commons depends on riding-by-riding results, a nationwide vote percentage that low is conventionally thought to put a plurality party in minority territory. Minority governments tend to be short lived.

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