08 May 2004

Crete or Cyprus?

And it seems the Irish Republic's postal service is cartographically challenged: "EU stamp 'swaps' Crete for Cyprus."

BBC News

The offending stamp

"The stamp's makers say there was no mistake, and artistic licence was used." Well, I'm sorry, but a closer look indicates that the island in the lower right corner is definitely Crete, and not Cyprus. There's more from the Guardian:

Mr [Peter] Geoffroy suggested that Cyprus' postal service should take revenge by producing its own EU map issue - and connect Ireland to its neighbouring island and old imperial master, Britain.

In Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom, symbol-sensitive Protestants also found fault with the stamp, which has erased the staunchly defended border between Irish south and British north.

Could this be the opening volley in a coming Great Philatelic War?

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