I want to begin by asking your prayers for my sister Pam who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer late last month and who has begun chemotherapy. Please pray that our God will see fit to heal her completely from the cancer. Thank you so much!

Following last month's travels for conferences and other events, this month has seen me once more attending to my forthcoming Citizenship Without Illusions. I have received the proofs for the book and am currently reading through them. This is my last opportunity to make small changes in the manuscript before it is published. I am also putting together the index, which is nearly complete. There will also be a scripture index which I assume IVP will be compiling. This week the Center for Public Justice's Emily Crouch, whom I met last month at Calvin University, interviewed me on the subject of this book.The interview will appear around the time the book is published in November.

At the end of my April newsletter, I mentioned having just received word that Bob Goudzwaard had died at age 90 in his native Netherlands. Readers of my Political Visions and Illusions will recall that Goudzwaard was one of three significant influences on the writing of that book. I have now posted a tribute to Bob Goudzwaard (1934-2024). This was in turn picked up by Christian Courier with the title, Where would I be without Bob Goudzwaard? Indeed his understanding of the relationship between idolatry and ideology provided the analytical framework I used in my first book and other published writings, including the new one. May Goudzwaard's life and work continue to bear fruit as we await the resurrection of the righteous on that last day.

At the Henry Symposium at Calvin last month, I participated in a panel discussion on Kevin Vallier's book, All the Kingdoms of the World: On Radical Religious Alternatives to Liberalism. I have now posted my comments on my blog: Catholic integralism: response to a response.

While at Grove City College two weeks later, I had the opportunity to have lunch with several students before driving back to Hamilton. Among other things, my host, Michael Coulter, asked me whether I could recommend any books for them to read. This is what I came up with on the spur of the moment: Suggested books for students.

Finally, I am currently writing an article on Christian nationalism for Faith Today, the periodical for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. As this is a controversial topic these days, I would appreciate your prayers that I might do justice to the different sides of the controversy.

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Yours in God's service,

David Koyzis, Global Scholar


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