We are in the second full month of spring, and the blossoms on the magnolia in our back garden have lasted for longer than usual, despite the cooler-than-average temperatures. Last year at this time we had snow, which we have been mercifully spared this year. Last week our family visited the Royal Botanical Gardens, one of the jewels of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and enjoyed the huge diversity of birds on the trails below the Laking Garden. We rightly thank God for this amazing natural setting, located practically on our doorstep.

The biggest news this month for my ongoing Global Scholars work is the publication of the second Brazilian edition of Political Visions and Illusions: Visões e Ilusões Políticas: 2ª Ed. ampliada e atualizada. Translated by Leandro Bachega, it is published by Edições Vida Nova in São Paulo, with the same cover design as the first edition.

Here are a few testimonials to the continuing impact of this book in both anglophone and lusophone worlds:

“I know I've said this before—but on politics, read David T. Koyzis's ‘Political Visions and Illusions’. Very important to understanding the political ideologies at play in American culture. Christianity critiques them all.”
— Rev. Timothy Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City

“An antidote to political tribalism—I’m thankful for this second edition by David Koyzis. Easily one of the best theological introductions and analysis of the political philosophies available today. I’m assigning this in my culture and contextualization course [at] Reformed Theological Seminary, Washington, DC.”
—Nathaniel Gray Sutanto, Reformed Theological Seminary

“If you want to have a coherent view of Christianity and politics . . . you need to read David Koyzis’ book. It’s the best book in Portuguese on the subject, and it will be one of the textbooks for our forum on faith and politics. In these times of ‘divided souls,’ this book presents a Reformed perspective on this complex relationship. Worth every penny!”
— Cristiano Franco, Pastor, Igreja Presbiteriana do Brasil

“Thanks for this outstanding work. I wish I'd had this book in college. It would have given me the orientation I needed for a liberal arts education that took everything apart with no indication why or plans to put any of it back together!”
— Dr. Tim Filston, Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Thomasville, Georgia

Two books were recently published in Brazil that draw on my work, including Leonardo Baleno Queiroz, Filosofia e Teologia Reformada: Perspectivas Cristãs à luz do Pensamento e Vida de Herman Dooyeweerd [Reformed Philosophy and Theology: Christian Perspectives in Light of the Thought and Life of Herman Dooyeweerd] (São Paulo: Fonte Editorial, 2020), and Thiago Moreira, Abraham Kuyper e as Bases para uma Teologia Pública [Abraham Kuyper and the Bases for a Public Theology] (Brasília: Editora Monergismo, 2020).

Last year Pastor Vitor Grando, of the Igreja Presbiteriana do Bairro Imperial, Rio de Janeiro, delivered a series of lectures based on my book. These are now posted at the church’s YouTube channel.

Over the past three years I have informally mentored a Belgian-born young man from the Netherlands who had decided to study here in Canada after obtaining a copy of the first edition of Political Visions and Illusions from a retiring Dutch theologian. I found him to be very bright with a keen intellect. We met regularly during his time here, although over the past year we generally met online. With my help he was able to secure an internship with the Center for Public Justice in the US this summer. As a recipient of Redeemer University’s student life award, he designated the monetary amount to go to my Global Scholars fund, a beautiful gesture for which I am profoundly grateful.

This month I received word that I was awarded a grant from the Stanford Reid Trust to continue my ongoing Genevan Psalter project, which you can read about here. Although this is a sideline to my Global Scholars work, I may report on my progress here.

In January my recorded lectures on Christianity and Political Ideologies were posted at the Jonathan Edwards Seminar in Brazil. I have now agreed to record a second series of lectures on Ideologies and the Church, which will be available for enrolment later this year.

I will report two more personal items here. First, Nancy and I received our first COVID vaccinations, and our daughter Theresa will receive hers this month. Second, Nancy and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last week. We are grateful that God brought us together and has blessed our marriage for so many years.

Once more, I would like to thank those of you who have generously contributed to my work with Global Scholars. GSC's page for giving can be found here. Once you are in the page, scroll down to the heading marked DONATION DETAILS, and then choose one of the options under FUND. Americans may donate through our sister organization in the US. May God's richest blessings rest on you.

Yours in the service of the King of kings,

David Koyzis, Global Scholar

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