05 January 2004

A favourite Bible story

As our family is in the habit of reading scripture and praying together in the evening, this provides a time, not only for hearing the Bible directly in translation, but also for reading stories from one of four children's bible story books in Theresa's personal library. Theresa now has a fairly extensive repertoire of such stories she likes to hear. But her all-time favourite has to be "the fruit one," that is, the temptation in the garden and the fall into sin. Why this particular one has captured our daughter's imagination is hard to say. We've now read it to her in the four versions, and she has it memorized in one. Whether she has a rudimentary childlike sense of her own sinfulness we cannot say. More than likely, it simply reflects her love of fruit. Two of the books render the forbidden fruit as a pomegranate, and she has expressed considerable curiosity about this exotic-looking taste treat.

Her second-place preference is probably the story of Jonah, certainly the more conventional candidate for a child's favourite.

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