31 May 2010

Which Wheaton?

TIME Magazine’s News Feed carries the story: Ann Curry Flubs Wheaton College Commencement.

Curry delivered Saturday’s speech to graduates at Wheaton College in Massachusetts, referencing the esteemed careers of a trio of alumni — reverend Billy Graham, film director Wes Craven and politician Dennis Hastert.

As the AP reports, the only problem was that each of those distinguished graduates went to another Wheaton College — in Illinois.

Graham, Hastert and Craven would have had great difficulty earning the East Coast education. Up until 1988, Wheaton (Mass.) was an all-girls institution.

Curry quickly copped to her mistake, releasing a statement on the university website: “I am mortified by my mistake, and can only hope the purity of my motive, to find a way to connect with the graduates and to encourage them to a life of service, will allow you to forgive me.”

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