As we approach year's end, I would like to renew an appeal for your financial and prayer support for my work with Global Scholar's Canada. As some of you undoubtedly wonder exactly where the funds go and how they are used, I here offer a brief explanation:

First, I draw a small monthly salary from these funds to supplement my private and public pension income, and together they cover a portion of the time and energy put into the various responsibilities I have taken on. 

Second, the funds cover equipment, supplies, books, and other incidental expenses incurred in my work. The computer on which I am typing and the connected printer are two of the major pieces of equipment provided by your generous contributions.

Third, as the pandemic eases, I hope that opportunities to travel will return, and your contributions will help to make this possible, especially where resources in the host country are scarce.

Earlier this year, I was issued a challenge by an anonymous potential donor. Up until 31 December 2021, they will match every dollar raised over and above last year's funds up to $8,000. If a particular donor gave $200 last year, what counts this year for purposes of matching is what he or she gives above the $200 amount. All new donations from people who have not previously given count towards the total. This means that if someone gave $500 last year and gives $800 this year, $300 of that will be matched by the donor. A new donor who gives $1,000 this year will in effect be giving $2,000 in total. As always, our accountant will be conscientious in assuring that all qualifying donations are properly matched.

GSC's page for giving can be found here. Once you are in the page, scroll down to the heading marked DONATION DETAILS, and then choose one of the options under FUND. Americans may donate through our sister organization in the US. If you cannot afford to give, please do continue to pray for my work. God does work through our prayers for each other. Thanks once again to those of you who have been faithful in supporting my work both financially and in your prayers.

I will begin with upcoming events that may be of interest. On thursday, 18 November I will be presenting a webinar for the Society of Christian Scholars, titled, "The True Nature of Freedom," based on my second book, We Answer to Another: Authority, Office, and the Image of God. The time will be 14.00 UTC/GMT, which is the same as 9 am EST.

Now for recent events. On 22 October I served as respondent to University of Lethbridge political scientist John von Heyking's keynote address, Exploring Faith and Friendship in the Academy. This was part of a larger online event, "Friendship That Makes a World of Difference - A Cross-Canada Virtual Conference," sponsored by Global Scholars Canada. Inspired by John's address, I have published my own thoughts in Cateclesia Forum: Face to Face and Side by Side: A Pluriformity of Friendships.

Our executive director, Peter Schuurman, commissioned an essay from me which he posted on his blog: Taking the Bible Seriously in Scholarship. Here I explore the relationships among the Bible, philosophy, the academic disciplines, and lived experience. I hope my reflections will be helpful for Christian academics undertaking to explore God's world in the light of his word.

Some of you may be aware that Charlotte Yonge's 1853 novel, The Heir of Redclyffe, played a rather large role in Abraham Kuyper's conversion to Christian orthodoxy a decade later. I finally read the book last month and posted a review: A novel conversion.

On 10 November I spoke remotely at an event sponsored by Hamilton's Oak Centre for Studies in Faith and Culture: Brazil update: Oak Centre conversation. While my talk is not accessible at this link, my PowerPoint slides are. These are in both English and Portuguese.

On 12 November I delivered an address to a Brazilian audience in connection with ReMind Centro de Estudos (ReMind Studies Centre). My host was the young legal scholar Arthur Loureiro, with Vinicius Pimentel translating. The link for the lecture can be found here: David Koyzis - ReMind Centro de Estudos. The title is: "State and Non-state Communities: How Civil Society Contributes to  Constitutional Government."

Speaking of constitutional government, Christian Courier published my monthly column in which I propose three reforms to Canada's political system: Needed reforms.

My work has definitely picked up this month, and I have a few more lectures or conversations taking place soon which I will not list here. But do allow me to express my gratitude for your support during these somewhat unusual times. May God bless you as you work for the sake of God's kingdom.


David Koyzis, Global Scholar

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