05 November 2003

Atlantis off Cuba?

Here is another possible location for the lost city of Atlantis: in the ocean between the western edge of Cuba and Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. A year or two ago quite a few stories appeared in the news services about the apparent discovery by Paulina Zelitsky and others of what appeared to be a submerged city in the ocean between these two land masses. Here is one example from a year and a half ago: "Canadians may have found lost city." I've been unable to find anything much more recent than this, so I have no idea whether anything came of it.

Naturally, it has sparked speculation about Atlantis, once again, which seems to be a cottage industry in some circles. But if such a city is indeed found to exist, it could be one more piece of evidence of human habitation in lowlying areas submerged by the melting of the glaciers after the last ice age.

If such a city is found, that is.

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