24 November 2003

Colson on Bush in Britain

In today's Breakpoint commentary Chuck Colson writes on: "Raising Our Sights: God, Morality, and Foreign Policy." As happy as I am to see Colson's Wilberforce Forum come under the beneficial influence of a Reformed worldview, I would be happier still if he could manage to be less partisan than he evidently is. I agree with him in pointing out the deficiencies of those "sophisticates" who squirm so on hearing any reference to God and morality in connection with foreign policy. But embracing a christian worldview need hardly entail embracing Bush's foreign policy agenda, with which it is not difficult to find fault.

One sentence in particular stands out insofar as it sounds a bit too self-congratulatory and ignores recent history:

Our idealism, which has prompted us to get involved when others, particularly in Europe, stayed on the sidelines, is the product of a worldview shaped by our Christian heritage.

Perhaps. But given that between 1939 and 1941 it was the US that was on the sidelines while Hitler was conquering Europe, Colson might wish to be more careful in drawing connections between a christian worldview and specific military actions.

None of this should be taken to diminish my considerable respect for Colson and the good work he is doing in the service of God's kingdom.

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