13 November 2003

First snowfall of season

We are getting hit with an early blast of winter. It was extremely windy last night, and one of our blue boxes blew away. As I write, the ground is getting covered with a thin layer of the white stuff, and it's still coming down. Here's a poem I wrote a number of years ago around this time of year:


I watch the sky above as winter's cloud
Draws near upon the North Wind's chilling breath;
He looks my way but once and laughs out loud
To see earth vainly fight an icy death.
I shiver as he runs his frigid hand
Across the golden fields and crimson leaves,
While glassy footprints punctuate the land,
And frosty fingers blanch the golden sheaves.
I bring my woollen coat around my chest
And pull my muffler tightly to my face.
The North Wind frowns to see me snugly dressed
And walking briskly towards a sheltered place.
The thought of resting warmly by a fire
Will shield me nicely from the weather's ire.

© 1989 by David T. Koyzis

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