02 October 2004

News of the day (Dooyeweerd consultation - IV?)

Last evening the eminent Dr. Craig G. Bartholomew delivered a rousing lecture at Redeemer University College on the occasion of his inauguration as the H. Evan Runner Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Religion and Theology. Titled "For Such a Time as This: The Relevance of the Neo-Calvinist Tradition Today," it elicited a good turnout and enthusiastic response. Earlier there had been a dinner and annual membership meeting, so it was a full evening indeed. It was the first time both my wife and I had attended a Redeemer function together in probably close to six years. It was good to get out for a change.

Among those present were Alan Cameron, Gideon Strauss, the estimable James W. Skillen and Stephen Lazarus, that is, some of the very people present at last week's consultation. The party continues, it seems.

Yesterday morning the winsome Mr. Brian Dijkema began teaching my book to a group of secondary-level homeschoolers. Evidently there was considerable enthusiasm among the 17 adolescents who are part of this. At some point the author may receive an invitation to address the group which he will undoubtedly accept.

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