12 May 2007

And now today's headlines. . .

Here are some stories that were either not covered by the media or not deemed of sufficient importance to make the front page.

While thursday's March for Life in Ottawa was reported by the National Post, a Google News search reveals that few others paid attention to it. Footage of the march has been posted on Youtube but will likely not be seen on television. Joanne (True Blue) surveys media coverage of the event. Several Anglo-Catholic Ninjas (one of whom I taught a few years ago) were in attendance as well.

That same day my esteemed colleague, Deani Van Pelt, at a public event at Redeemer, presented the findings of a study exploring Ontario's Private Schools: Who Chooses Them and Why? The study was a collaborative effort amongst Van Pelt, Derek J. Allison and Patricia A. Allison of the University of Western Ontario, and was sponsored by the Fraser Institute. A report on this appears in the Ottawa Sun. Congratulations to Van Pelt and her associates.

Going overseas to what was once the heartland of the christian faith in ancient times, three Christians were murdered by Turkish nationals last month at a bible publishing house in the city of Malatya in east-central Turkey. This latest atrocity follows other attacks on Christians in that predominantly muslim but officially secular country.

Finally, Christians in Baghdad are being forced by Sunni insurgents to flee their homes and neighbourhoods. Sadly, American-led troops appear to be unaware of the Christians' plight and are thus doing nothing to stop it.

All of these stories deserve more publicity than they have received thus far.

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