07 May 2008

May snippets

  • Barack Obama's campaign for the US presidency has suffered yet another, perhaps irreversible, setback: McGovern, former Clinton backer, endorses Obama. And so soon after the controversies over his pastor.

  • And from Moscow: Russia's Medvedev takes power, pledges freedom. But not freedom from Vladimir Putin, one assumes.

  • The chances of this happening are rather remote: Turkey told to return ancient church. It will likely meet with as much success as the campaign to return Aghia Sophia to the Ecumenical Patriarch — oops, I mean the Fener Patriarch.

  • This may come as unexpected news to Catholics and Anglicans alike: Vatican lends hand to Williams in battle to shore up Anglican unity. Odd that the Vatican news agency Zenit doesn't mention this in its report of the meeting.

  • Fr. Alphonse de Valk, editor of Catholic Insight, weighs in on the recent OHRC decision concerning Christian Horizons: Ontario Panel Accused of Attacking Religious Rights. Here's Pope Benedict XVI on the subject: "human rights must include the right to religious freedom, understood at once (as) individual and communitarian. . . ."

  • Wheaton College, near Chicago, has been the centre of controversy recently over the departure of a divorced member of the faculty. Timothy Larsen defends the college: Wheaton prof explains divorce policy.

  • During a recent trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan, I made the unexpected discovery that cacti are native to the dunes of Michigan and Indiana. I would have been less surprised to learn that there are palm trees in Iqaluit.
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