26 May 2008

Craig Vanderveen
Graduation 2008

On saturday Redeemer University College celebrated its Twenty-Third Convocation for the Conferring of Degrees. This is always a poignant occasion for us faculty, who have taught these young people for four or five years. We grow to love them and then we have to let them go, something I myself have never found easy to do. Over the years I have made it a practice to add our political science graduates to an ever-expanding alumni email list. Sadly, however, one person will be conspicuously absent from my list.

Three out of the past five years have seen political science majors receive the Faculty Award. This year's recipient was Craig Vanderveen (above left), a double major in business and political science who died last June in a tragic automobile accident in Manitoba. He is still greatly missed by the people whose lives he touched during his all too brief time on earth. We look forward to continuing our relationships with him in glorified form at the resurrection.

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