30 June 2003

Some of my favourites

Here is another article about Russell Kirk from Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity: "The Conservative Convert: The Life & Faith of Russell Kirk," by Eric Scheske.

Although I cannot consider myself a conservative as such, I wrote with some appreciation for Kirk's approach last week. Indeed, despite my critique of the ideologies in my book, I do have some admiration for a number of figures who might be placed within one or another of these ideological categories. I will be writing about a few of these in future entries.

All in some way defy the stereotypes associated with these labels, and some indeed might be seen to straddle the boundaries between them. Some are christian believers, some not. But whether they call themselves liberals, socialists, conservatives or whatever, they manage to understand that the range of political debate is more complex than a simple bipolar left-right spectrum.

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