09 June 2003

A weekend in Minnesota

This past weekend I spent at Bethel College in Minnesota to attend the biennial meeting of Christians in Political Science. There I presented a paper titled, "Culture War or Intramural Rivalry? Beyond a liberal approach to politics," largely drawn from the second chapter of my book.

As I am an alumnus of Bethel, I was particularly happy to be back at my alma mater after an absence of a quarter century. Much has changed, of course, but much is still the same. It seemed odd to be walking the same corridors I had last walked at age 22. I am quite sure people tired of me telling them that I had once had a class in the very room where we were meeting or that I had sung at such and such a spot with the College Choir thirty years ago. (I even found the window to the dorm room I lived in my first year there.) I was pleased to see that the Bethel bookstore had copies of my book available for sale to the conference participants.

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