02 December 2003

David L. Schindler

Our mini-conference last week reminded me that my favourite Catholic theologian/philosopher has to be David L. Schindler, whose Heart of the World, Center of the Church is an exhilarating read from start to finish. Here (pp. 215, 217) he sounds very nearly Kuyperian:

[O]ur call to sanctity is not realized until we help to draw out and display the glory of God in every last fiber of created being, by exhibiting in each instance thereof its appropriate (analogous) form of love. . . .

[N]o act of intelligence, however carefully packaged into whatever method of inquiry, can ever remain simply neutral with respect to God. God is somehow "implicated" in every act of knowledge, from the side at once of the subject (the act of knowing) and of the object (what is known by nature).

No nature/grace dualism here. One day we ought to have him speak at Redeemer.

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