24 December 2003

Pro-lifers to inherit the earth

Given that pro-choicers are ridding themselves of their own progeny, I suppose it would make sense that pro-lifers would eventually carry the day. However, many people probably haven't yet connected the dots. This is from "The Coming Demographic Victory" on the Population Research Institute's website:

[I]n the mid-nineties, the polls showed that Americans were more or less evenly divided on the abortion question. But if we were right, the poll numbers would inexorably shift in a pro-life direction as time passed. Demography is destiny, after all. If the pro-lifers were having three times as many children as the pro-aborts, then the ranks of the pro-lifers would swell while the ranks of the pro-aborts thinned. The pro-abortion movement would have signed its own death warrant. Pro-lifers, on the other hand, would be busy signing birth certificates. After a generation, the country would be overwhelmingly pro-life.

The mind is drawn toward pleasant prospects, but is there any hard evidence of such a demographic shift? I am happy to report that there is. A new Gallup poll of teenagers, reported on November 24, 2003 by WorldNetDaily.com, found that 72 percent of those queried believe abortion is morally wrong.

It would be interesting to find out whether a similar trend is occurring here in Canada. My guess is that it is but that its effects will take longer to see.

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