03 December 2003

Feminists discover mothering

Today I received a post about an interesting organization, the Centre for Research on Mothering at York University, Toronto. It calls itself "the first feminist international organization devoted specifically to the topic of mothering-motherhood." Perceiving that feminists were insufficiently concerned with something that is a central feature of most women's lives, its founders sought to rectify what they perceived to be an imbalance in the larger feminist movement. Although much of the rhetoric of the CRM is couched in the quasi-marxist terminology of inclusion and marginalization, one cannot but infer that this shift in emphasis is an implicit concession to the reality of marriage and family as part of what might be called the deep structure of human social life. Although the followers of the ideologies cannot generally bring themselves to acknowledge that our world belongs to God and not to us, the reality of this belonging often asserts itself in small, unexpected ways.

Now if they could only bring themselves to acknowledge the humanity of the unborn. For this we must look to Feminists for Life.

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