03 December 2003

Illness, at last

After two and a half weeks of illness making its way through our household, I have finally succumbed. There is a stage in the virus when one is sleepless, and that's what I am experiencing now. This explains my entries late last night and very early this morning. I have slept not a wink and am feeling a bit feverish. Needless to say, I will not attempt to teach today.

All the same, I am relieved that my daughter is feeling much better as of yesterday. A few days ago she was pale, listless and looking rather gaunt, which is scary for parents to watch. Given her premature birth, Theresa never really had any baby fat to begin with, which makes her current weight that of a large three-year-old rather than that of a five-year-old. Hence our relief to see her begin to eat again.

I am hoping that at some point today I will feel sleepy, because I didn't sleep at all last night. I especially request the patience of my students who might be reading this, as it will inevitably delay my getting to the marking of their papers as quickly as I had intended.

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