03 December 2003

A north Cyprus reverie

For some time now I have had as background to my computer screen the following photograph:

It was taken by my friend Jonathan Warner, an economics instructor at Dordt College, during his residence some years ago in north Cyprus. I love this scene, because it was taken not too far from where my father was born in the Karpass Peninsula in the Pentadaktylos range. Up until April of this year it was virtually inaccessible from the southern part of the island, where the legally-recognized government holds jurisdiction. There is an ineffable beauty in the forested mountains, the unspoilt meadow of golden wildflowers, and the ancient stone shelter in the distance at the foot of the hilltop village. As I have spent much of the day convalescing in bed, my mind has inevitably wandered to a place I would love to visit one day. Devout Jews say, "Next year in Jerusalem." I say, "Next year in north Cyprus."

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