10 July 2006

Monday notes

Last evening we ate spaghetti for supper in inadvertent honour of Italy's victory in the World Cup. As we ate we were treated to scores of honking vehicles flying the green, white and red tricolour, parading down our street.

I have now posted three more Genevan Psalm versifications on my website: Psalms 27, 84 and 93. These are in addition to Psalm 77, which I posted before we took our holiday. For Psalm 27 I have posted only a text, as the tune is proving a bit trickier to harmonize than I had anticipated. The text and harmonization of Psalm 93 came quickly to me as recently as yesterday.

At some point I will be posting a more substantial piece on leisure and rest, something which has pulled more into focus for me since sliding into depression two months ago. Although the "labour, leisure and liturgy" in the sidebar to the right suggests a balanced life, I've come to see that my own life has been rather less than exemplary in this respect.

As part of this effort to find balance, I have paid rather less attention to politics than is my wont in recent weeks. Posts addressing political and cultural issues will return in the near future.

Oh, and I am feeling much better these days. Thanks for your prayers, which are much appreciated.

Later: I have now posted my musical arrangement of Psalm 27.

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