09 July 2006

What God has joined together. . .

Congratulations are due to Anthony and Janine Givens-Belsley, who were joined in matrimony in Andover, Massachusetts, on 1 July. Our family was privileged to be present at the marriage of my beautiful and gifted niece to the love of her life. May God bless their journey together.

The Givens family home, where the reception was held. A good time was had by all.

Here am I with my recalcitrant grandniece, Ingrid, who is enjoying the reception somewhat less than everyone else.

I composed this piece just over two years ago, Dancing Day (Copyright © 2004, David T. Koyzis), which was inspired by the dancing at the end of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Though it wasn't played at the reception, it could have been. There are lyrics. Perhaps I'll post them at some point.

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