31 July 2006

Sixty psalms now posted

I have now posted Psalms 14, 19, 32 and 53 on my website. That makes ten psalms versified and arranged since the end of June and sixty altogether. Psalms 14 and 53 have the same tune and indeed are said by some scholars to be yahwistic and elohistic versions respectively of the same psalm, with a very few differences in wording, as reflected in my own versifications. Psalms 14, 19 and 53 are unrhymed versifications, while Psalm 32 is rhymed. The tune for Psalm 14 and 53 has a short phrase at the end of each stanza — unusual even for the Genevan Psalter with its irregular metres. But I enjoy the challenge of coming up with something fresh within the constraints of set tunes and metres.

I am gradually redoing some of the musical arrangements composed in 2001 and earlier, bringing in more instruments and adding transitional music before, between and after the tunes proper. Those completed include Psalms 23, 24, 62, 95 and 99.

In addition I have added much new material to the introductory essay and corrected some of the links on the liturgy page. I will probably be putting this project aside for now, as preparations for the beginning of the next academic year beckon with the approach of August.

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