12 June 2008

It can't happen here

Could this be true: Fascism has come to Canada? And this, not from an overtly nationalist or racist political party, but from a series of tribunals charged with protecting our human rights! David Warren summarizes the situation:
Among the spookiest aspects of these cases is the silence over, and indifference to them, on the part of journalists whose predecessors imagined themselves vigilant in the cause of freedom. As I’ve learned first-hand through email, many Canadian journalists today take the view that, 'I don’t like these people, therefore I don’t care what happens to them.' It is a view that, at best, is extremely short-sighted.

One hopes and prays that Catholic Insight and Warren are overstating their case. Nevertheless, it is clear that our historic right to freedom of speech, ostensibly protected by the Charter, is being eroded. If that ends up curtailing debate over important political issues, Canada's democracy will go with it.

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